I wish I had the strength to go with the flow as I used to,
and not literally surfing because I still can’t stand up…
but in life
Letting things go,
letting me go…
Not stopping because of my thoughts,
the dark ones,
those whose wraps me
and always tries to drown me in the ocean of my mind,
I’ve been always there, but looks scary when you can’t see the bottom,
you can only see darkness and a huge abyss,
What can you do when you are getting forced to go underwater,
knowing that you can barely swim,
where you will lose your breath,
losing sight of the light,
your light.
It’s a scary place,
I no longer want to feel like it,
I just want to ride the wave,
feel free as I go,
but what is the point surfing an ocean if you don’t know what it awaits,
what if suddenly you learn how to breath underwater, or maybe
learning how to be still,
because we all know
the more you fight
the more you’ll drown.

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